2016 New Year

We love the endless possibilities that a new year brings! With 2016 already here, we have decided to forgo the old tradition of setting resolutions.

The resolutions we typically set are very much focused on a final destination instead of the journey that takes us there. We find that when we focus too much on the destination, we find ourselves in a spot of always wondering ‘am I there yet?’ and unless we have made it ‘there’ we are frustrated, impatient, and unsatisfied.

We believe in the power of reflecting on where you are now in your life and the events of the past year. What have you learned along the way? What is working for you? And where would you like to experience change? The best ways to learn what you do want in life is to first learn what you don’t want and this only comes through experience. So yes, the journey is necessary.

It is also important to realize that wherever you are now and whatever you are experiencing that you can change it starting right NOW. You don’t have to wait for that perfect moment or experience or to feel ready. You just have to decide.

Decide that you are ready to start telling a new story with your life. You are ready to leave your old thoughts, beliefs and habits behind. You are ready for change and growth and expansion.

Heather has just graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach. She would like to open her door to each one of you and help with any goals or life changes you may want some help or guidance with.

Start your new story by only giving your body the right ingredients. If your car requires Premium gas, you wouldn’t put Unleaded in it, right? The same with your body… stop putting junk in it that is harmful to your body. Make a promise to yourself to only eat food that you can pronounce every ingredient in it. You will thank us now and later. Don’t worry about the grocery list, prepping, or cooking – we’ve got you covered! Check out our meal plan options for 2016. Prices will vary for each meal plan depending on the meals that you choose.

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