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Naked Coconut Eats is San Antonio’s premier Paleo food producer, offering chef-prepared ready to eat meals made with locally sourced ingredients and healthy, flavorful recipes. Founded by husband-and-wife team Heather and Jason Schweitzman, Naked Coconut Eats is changing lives one bite at a time, with a totally fresh take on the Paleo Lifestyle that’s tailored to the individual and designed to deliver long-term results. There are no hidden ingredients in our paleo menu. Just real food made with natural, simple ingredients.


Our Story

Meet Heather & Jason



The Paleo Lifestyle is more than a business for co-owners Heather and Jason Schweitzman. They live it.

Jason, the company’s Executive Chef, was raised by a family of chefs and butchers in restaurants and hotel kitchens, learning from his grandparents. Heather is an expert CrossFit trainer and believes in the power of clean living through natural food and movement.
The couple oversees operations, product development and customer relations. Their hearts are in the kitchen and their passion for food shows in the Naked Coconut Eats recipes they inspire and create.

The Schweitzman’s introduction to the Paleo Lifestyle came while they owned and operated CrossFit gyms in Texas. Heather was the first one hooked and included Paleo principles in her role as head trainer in her CrossFit community.

Jason soon joined the Paleo path and was Naked Coconut Eats’ first success story, losing 180 pounds on his journey to a healthier life.

They never looked back.

The Schweitzmans, both natives of upstate New York, have been married for more than 20 years. They first cooked up the Naked Coconut Eats concept in Uvalde, Texas, where they opened a popular food truck before moving to San Antonio to launch a full-service catering and delivery operation.

They include extended family and close friends among the Naked Coconut Eats team. Their three children are the inspiration and the driving force behind Naked Coconut 4 Kids. Heather and Jason’s commitment to embracing natural food and practices helps sustain their close-knit family. They are proud “natural parents.” To continue Heather’s passion for learning and growth she is currently pursuing studies in integrative nutrition.

Always innovating, Jason and Heather Schweitzman stick to a simple food philosophy that drives their customers’ success: Eat better, live better.


“The food is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it. I’m in Paleo heaven!”

– Whitney D.


Why Paleo? What is it?

Paleo is a lifestyle, not a diet. It’s designed to deliver long-term results through nutritious and flavorful meals that are made with natural, simple ingredients – the way that humans were meant to eat. The name refers to the Paleolithic Era, and is inspired by the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, including only foods that could be hunted or found. The benefits of clean eating and movement are clear, including a leaner, stronger body and improved overall fitness.

What kind of menu do you offer?

We offer meal options for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner in individual servings or family style. We also make delicious kid-friendly meals that you can feel great about feeding your little ones. Our bakery items are out of this world! 

What guidelines do you use when crafting your Paleo recipes?

Our inspiration comes from Paleo experts, including Robb Wolf and Dr. Loren Cordain. Our meals are made with lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. We also use fresh herbs, spices and seasoning to add flavor and flare. Our meals are free of grain, legumes, dairy, processed ingredients, starch and sugar.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We are committed to providing the highest quality meals and support local producers. We invest in quality meats that meet our high standards of antibiotic free, no added hormones, no animal byproducts and cage free. Organic, grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, pasture-raised poultry and local sourced pasture eggs are preferred. All of our fruits and vegetables are fresh and in season.


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Why Naked Coconut Eats


How do we say our food is simple, uncomplicated and clean? And also give a nod to one of our signature ingredients? Make it unforgettable, without dressing it up too much? The answer came to us in three words: Naked Coconut Eats. It’s our company name but it’s also a concept that embodies all the things we love about the Paleo lifestyle. A coconut by any other name just won’t do.